UCI WASHABLE FILTER MASK - It can be ordered individually


What is the UMCV02 mask? How is it made?

The UMCV02 is a WASHABLE FILTER MASK FOR THE EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE COMMUNITY in accordance with the indications of the Ministry of Health Circular 0003572-P-18/03/2020. Paragraph 2 art. 16 Italian Care Decree. NOT FOR SANITARY USE OR ON WORKPLACES.
It consists of two layers of 100% polyester fabric which enclose 4 layers of 100% TNT Polypropylene obtained with Spunbond and MeltBlown technology. The outer layers of the mask have been treated with DWR and Viroblock antiviral treatment which help reduce the risk of viral and bacterial persistence on the fabric (Antiviral efficacy test: ISO 18184).

Is UMCV02 mask sterilized?

No, the mask is not sterilized, but HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 is an antimicrobial textile treatment proven effective against human Coronavirus in mask tests, significantly increasing the reduction of viral infectivity of the fabric in a few minutes. It is tested to last at least 30 washes.

In addition, the mask can be sanitized by washing it up to 30 times at 40 ° C degrees or with bleach or other sanitizers available on the market. To reactivate the anti-drop / antiviral treatment, we recommend drying it in the tumbler or steaming it with the iron.

Can the UMCV02 mask be used several times?

Yes, the mask can be washed in the washing machine or by hand up to 30 times at a temperature of 40 ° with tuble dryer, without losing the anti-drip / antiviral characteristics.

Is the mask made in multiple sizes? Can it also be used for children?

UMCV02 is produced in one size for adults. It is available a version for kids from 6 years old with the same features.

What is the reference standard for the production of the UMCV02?

The UMCV02 is produced in accordance with the indications of the Circular of the Italian Health Ministry 0003572-P-18/03/2020. Paragraph 2 art. 16 Cura Italia Decree.

How to wear the mask?

The mask is worn by handling it by the elastics. The head is passed inside both elastics and the highest elastic is positioned making it pass behind the head over the ears. The second elastic should be placed behind the neck. The mask must cover the nose and mouth well.

We recommend touching the mask as little as possible once it is worn and removing it by touching only the elastic bands. Wash your hands well before wearing and after removing the mask.

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