Strong, loving multitaskers – mums are all this and much more! They constantly juggle their lives as mothers with their work and their passion. English cyclist Lizzie Deignan and Australian triathlete Mirinda Carfrae are no exception to that rule. Celebrate Mother’s Day with us as we feature these two amazing women who are both successful as professional athletes and as Mums!

Being a mum and an athlete can be a challenge but women relish a challenge. Australian triathlete Mirinda Carfrae, who is also a Santini ambassador and three-time IRONMAN World Champion (Kona 2010, 2013 and 2014), agrees: «I used to think triathlon was all consuming but it’s nothing when compared to being a mum. That said I absolutely love the balance being Izzy’s mum brings to our family, she’s such a little ray of light and love!».

«One funny thing that’s been happening more and more is the number of people who come to our autograph signings for a photo with Izzy. I will be standing there signing autographs etc., and I will turn around and see Izzy with her own line» laughs Mirinda. Becoming a mum has made 2015 UCI World Road Race Champion and Trek-Segafredo team member, Lizzie Deignan fall in love with being an athlete all over again: «Every moment of training is even more precious and has to count as it’s time away from Orla».

«I think the funniest thing about being a mum and an athlete is the juxtaposition though, from winning a race one minute and spraying champagne on the podium with teammates to returning home and just being a mum, changing a nappy and clearing up mess - says Lizzie. I love my core strength training now as I incorporate Orla in to it – she loves crawling all over me and copying my stretches – and adds extra weight to improve my strength further!»

Athlete, mother, designer: Lizzie also works closely with Santini’s designers on the latter’s women’s collections. For 2020, she partnered the Bergamo company on a new cycling collection under the Lizzie XX Santini logo. The double XX is a nod to the fact that this is the second year of the partnership but also references the female chromosome in a tribute to her daughter, Orla.

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