From the heart of Bergamo, where we passionately design and produce each garment, our story intertwines with renowned architect Marco Acerbis. This collaboration began with the redesign of the historic building now housing our new headquarters.

Acerbis transformed our 1960s building into a space reflecting Italy's industrial heritage and Santini Cycling present and future. Our headquarters now perfectly melds tradition with modernity, blending family roots with managerial oversight, and continuous growth with innovation.

Our partnership with Acerbis didn't end with the renovation. We have established a lasting bond, leading to projects that fuse cycling with design.

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At the INTERNI CROSS VISION exhibition during the 2024 Milan Design Week, we unveiled “Powerful Intersections”, an artistic installation that blends design and a love for cycling. Displayed at the Università degli Studi di Milano from April 15-28, this installation showcased our commitment to exploring new frontiers in design. A field that belongs to us, that we feel is our own.

Designed by Acerbis, “Powerful Intersections” takes visitors on a journey through graphic art and historical memory, where the colorful lines of fabrics intersect with people's paths, creating a dialogue between the past and future. The installation had a remarkable visual impact, with the backdrop design echoing our jerseys, a renowned symbol worldwide.

“Acerbis explains, “This step is crucial for bringing the public closer to both the design and cycling worlds.” Indeed, every element of the installation, from saddle-shaped chairs to the smallest details, reflects our philosophy in creating technical sports apparel.

At Design Week 2024, we also presented an exclusive cycling jersey designed by Acerbis, featuring graphics inspired by his artwork. This jersey, integral to the installation, exemplifies how design can marry style and functionality, transforming into a true artistic expression.

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With “Powerful Intersections”, we aimed to demonstrate that cycling and design aren't isolated realms but can converge in extraordinary ways, creating something unique and revolutionary. We are proud of this project and its impact, reaffirming our role as leaders in innovation in the cycling world.