The Santini Industry Program is a membership program for qualified industry professionals and influencers specific to our brand. Membership is by application, is not guaranteed and can be revoked at any time, and allows you to purchase our products with an exclusive 30% discount.

1. How do I become a member?
If you are interested in applying and satisfy the above mentioned requirements, please send an email from your associated industry email address to Please include the following information: first name, last name, and reason for requesting industry program access.

2. How do I log in?
After your application is approved and you have received our “welcome letter”, log in to with your e-mail address and your personalised password.

3. Where can I find my log-in details?
If you do not have success retrieving your details, please contact us through the contact section found at the bottom of our website.

4. How come I can’t log into my account?
The most common reasons why you may not be able to log in: Email: Make sure to use the original e-mail address you registered with us for your Industry Account. If you changed/updated your e-mail address after registering, you will need to use the more current e-mail address. Check for extra spaces before or after the e-mail address when it is entered, or copy/pasted.

5. Can I share my industry program discount with others?
Sorry but your account is for your use only.

6. What products can be purchased through the Santini Industry Program?
Products from our current collections can be purchased through the Industry Program, the discount is not combinable with other offers and cannot be used with sale or outlet items.