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The remarkable journey of Mads Furenes: a rising star in cycling

Davide Inverardi



We take pride in supporting cycling talents around the globe. Today, we bring you the inspiring story of Mads Furenes, a young cyclist from Sandnes, Norway, whose passion and dedication to the sport have allowed him to achieve a tremendous milestone, despite his young age.

Early beginnings

Born on April 4, 2009, Mads Furenes was introduced to cycling by his sports-loving family. Riding with his sister, Madelen, and participating in local races, Mads's childhood was imbued with the joy of cycling. His affinity for the sport was evident from these early days, and Santini Cycling has continuously been selected as the preferred cycling wear to achieve best results possible.

Mads joined the Bogafjell Cycling Club and later the Belgium U17 Isorex Cycling Team, marking the beginning of his international cycling journey. Known for his powerful time-trial performances, Mads set numerous records, even at a tender age. Under his father's guidance, Mads honed his skills, and soon, the dream of breaking the Junior world one-hour record was born.

The one-hour record attempt

In the winter of 2023/2024, Mads, with the support of his family and collaboration with Racing Depot and Santini, began preparing for the one-hour record attempt. In a custom-made Santini time trial suit and with optimal equipment, Mads trained rigorously at the Vår Energi Sola Arena, his favorite track.

To prepare mentally and physically, Mads watched various “one-hour record tryouts” on YouTube and completed countless aero-positioned laps on the 250-meter course at Vår Energi Sola Arena.

With confidence in his fitness values and managing to complete a full hour interval workout before on his indoor training bike, the question was not if he was able to complete, but how fast could he ride? The initial goal was set at 47.5 km/h, aiming to surpass the current elite Norwegian national record of 46,595 km/h.

On Sunday, March 24, 2024, the day had arrived. Everything had fallen into place according to plan. Wearing his fast-speed Santini suit and riding a perfectly tuned bike, he embarked on the one-hour challenge. Supported by his family and cheered on by friends and club members, Mads showcased his extraordinary talent by covering an impressive 48.7 kilometers.

A phenomenal achievement

This achievement is nothing but phenomenal for a 14-year-old, and the entire family takes immense pride in their collective effort. Mads, drawing inspiration from his favorite hobby, Minecraft, overcame physical discomfort with remarkable focus and determination. He never showed weakness and even managed to increase his speed toward the end.

While still too young for official recognition, Mads has already made his mark in the world of cycling. His new goal? To attempt it again later and try to set a new official junior world record.

Mads Furenes represents the future of cycling - a blend of passion, dedication, and skill. As he gears up for more challenges, we at Santini Cycling will continue to support him and many others like him.

The innovation behind the suit

Mads' fast-speed suit is a masterpiece of technology and design, the same garment worn by Tour de France champions, the result of a meticulous research and development process. Behind each piece is a complex R&D process, divided into two crucial phases: material analysis and prototype testing.

Our material analysis aims to find the perfect mix of elasticity, aerodynamics, and comfort. The prototypes are then tested under extreme conditions, both in the lab and in wind tunnels, to ensure that each suit offers optimal performance, resilience, and stability.

The result combines technology and design to offer cyclists the highest levels of performance, resistance, and aerodynamic efficiency for cyclists at all levels.

New horizons

Mads's record-breaking performance in the one-hour challenge is not just a personal victory but a milestone for the cycling community. It demonstrates that with the right blend of talent, training, and technologically advanced apparel, like Santini's fast-speed suit, boundaries can be pushed, and new benchmarks can be set.

As Mads continues his journey, we stand proud to be part of his story. A story that inspires us to keep innovating, to keep striving, and to keep cycling forward. With every stitch in our apparel and every milestone achieved by cyclists like Mads, we are reminded of our mission: to inspire and equip a life centered around cycling.

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