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“Powerful Intersections”: a journey in design and cycling

Luca Bassi



From the vibrant heart of Bergamo, where every garment is designed and produced with passion, our story has intertwined with that of architect Marco Acerbis. This collaboration was born from the renovation of the historic building that now houses our headquarters, a project that transformed a 1960s structure into a symbol of tradition and modernity. Today, our headquarters perfectly blend Italian industrial history with continuous innovation, reflecting our identity: family, managerial management, growth, and constant research.

This synergy with Acerbis extended beyond the renovation. We have built a strong and lasting bond capable of giving life to new projects that unite the worlds of cycling and design. A splendid example of this collaboration was presented at the 2024 Milan Design Week during the INTERNI CROSS VISION exhibition.

Fuori Salone 1

A visionary collaboration at Design Week 2024

From April 15 to 28, the University of Milan hosted “Powerful Intersections”, an artistic creation celebrating the union of design and a love for cycling. This installation, designed by Marco Acerbis, represented a journey through graphics and historical memory, where the colorful lines of fabrics met people's paths, creating a dialogue between past and future.

The visual impact was extraordinary. The design of the backdrop, reminiscent of our world-renowned jerseys, captured the attention and imagination of visitors. Every detail, from saddle-shaped chairs to the smallest particulars, reflected our philosophy in creating technical sportswear.

Fuori Salone 2024

A wearable work of art

In addition to the installation, during Design Week, we presented an exclusive cycling jersey designed by Acerbis. The graphics echoed the work presented in the installation, demonstrating how design can unite style and functionality, becoming a true artistic expression. This jersey not only attracted the attention of cycling enthusiasts but also fascinated design lovers.

Fuori Salone 3

A message of innovation and unity

“Powerful Intersections” is not just an artistic installation; it is a true manifesto of our commitment to exploring new frontiers in design. A field that we feel is ours, that belongs to us. As Acerbis explained, «This step is essential to bringing the public closer to the world of design and cycling.» And so it was: every detail of the installation told our story, our commitment, and our vision.

Our participation in Design Week 2024 was a success, an opportunity to demonstrate that cycling and design are not separate worlds but can meet and merge extraordinarily, creating something unique and revolutionary.

Fuori Salone 4

With this project, we aimed to show that design and cycling can not only coexist but enrich each other, carrying forward a tradition of excellence and innovation that defines Santini Cycling.

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