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For 2021, as a way to extend our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we’ve introduced several new initiatives to reduce our environmental impact. These initiatives include presenting all our technical cycling wear in compostable packaging made by TIPA. The most impactful initiative though is that advances in fabric technology allowed us to make Trek-Segafredo team clothing, UCI World Championship jerseys, and even options for you, from recycled and recovered materials.


Producing practical, high-performance cycling apparel from eco-friendly fabrics has been a decade-long journey for Santini. “We first started using recycled, polyester-based, jersey weight fabrics nearly ten years ago,” says Santini lead designer Fergus Niland. “The biggest obstacle back then was that there was so little choice.” Manufacturers viewed recycled as too expensive and too complicated to make as good as the lightweight, performance fabrics they specialized in. “But it was something that we firmly believed, so we consistently chased our suppliers to create a broader range of eco-materials.”

The goals we gave our suppliers were simple; recycled fabrics must perform as well as new fabrics. Niland says that we also wanted to maintain a tight supply chain. “85% of our suppliers are based within 100 km of our factory. It’s pointless to fly recycled yarns thousands of miles to a fabric manufacturer, only to fly that fabric thousands of miles back to an apparel manufacturer. We wanted not only to impact the performance of the materials to meet our rider’s needs, but we wanted to impact the sourcing of even the raw materials to limit our eco-footprint.”

Massive improvements in performance fabrics made from recycled and recovered material have accelerated in the last few years, so Santini worked with our long-time fabric partners and our World Tour riders to test their newest materials. “The experiment worked,” Niland says. “We had happy pro riders and happy commercial sponsors. It was a win, win.”


Besides the clothing used by our World Tour partners, for the UCI Rainbow jersey, and various granfondo and other partners we’re making eco-jersey for this year, we have an eco-friendly jersey option for both men and women in our 2021 summer collection.

SANTINI Eco Sleek Dinamo jersey for men

Santini’s ECO SLEEK DINAMO jersey is made from 100% recycled fabrics. It contains RECY by Corno Eco fabric, a fabric made from a combination of used and discarded materials. The jersey also contains Sitip’s Native Ecoknit, made from recycled fibers and yarns without polluting chemicals to reduce natural resource consumption and our dependency on non-renewable energy sources. The Eco Sleek Dinamo jersey has a body-hugging, aerodynamic fit and features a striped design in a choice of four colors: black, navy blue, khaki, and silver grey.

SANTINI Eco Sleek Raggio jersey for women

Santini’s ECO SLEEK RAGGIO jersey for women features the same fabrics as SLEEK DINAMO, but with a tailored, high-performance fit for women riders. The jersey is the same as one worn by the Trek-Segafredo women’s professional World Tour team in 2020. RAGGIO features an optical striped motif and is available in silver grey with blue/green detailing, black with grey/strawberry details, navy blue with orange details, and purple burgundy with pink/fuchsia detailing.

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