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How to design a dream?

Simple but indescribable, definite and yet inexpressible, distinct but yet indecipherable. A unique experience for anyone who owns it, an unforgettable memory for anyone who sees it.

Fergus Niland
Fergus Niland


Creative Director

How is a jersey like this conceived?

I don't think it can be explained. It's both simple and complicated; when you visit Santini you understand that cycling is everything, it's entwined in every part of our company, our way of thinking. After all, cycling is my whole life too. And maybe even more.

A handmade

Handmade in Italy, tested with the help of champions.

The Santini Maillot Jaune is the result of over 50 years of experience, utilizing the absolute avant-garde of eco-sustainable technical fabrics, rendering a fit that is inimitable. Because when something is immortal, there is no distinction between past and future.

Rosita Zanchi
Rosita Zanchi


Stitching department Director

They call me teacher, but I learn something every day from everyone in my team. A group of passionate artisans. I've worked here for 34 years and the goal of the people around me has never changed: quality always comes first. Thanks to this jersey, every single person who works here will become part of cycling folklore. After all, only the Maillot Jaune has this kind of impact.

100% cycling

Here in Santini we've always believed in this sport.

It's in our DNA, our minds, our legs. The legendary stories, we know off by heart every stretch of tarmac that they ride on, and every jersey that they wear.

Santini Family
Santini Family


  • PIETRO SANTINI - Founder
  • PAOLA SANTINI - Marketing Director

Before anything, we all share one passion: cycling. It's at the very core of our company, because only following your passion leads to innovation, efficiency, uniqueness, and finally excellence. The yellow jersey for us signifies something truly immortal. Immortal, just as our passion is for cycling. The start of everything, without an end.

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Men Collection
Men Collection
  • 14 ott. 2021




    Just as he turned 30 sometime in the second half of the last century, Carlo Brena decided to become a sports journalist, a move that quickly saw him begin to age prematurely but also rather contentedly. Since founding the outdoor sports PR agency, LDL COMeta, he has managed to find the time to complete a couple of Ironmans and do a bit of MTB, marathon running, cross-country skiing and ski-mountaineering, in addition, of course, to meeting his wife Mirella and raising two children with her.

    From Ireland to Bergamo with a stop-off on the Champs-Élysées to design the yellow jersey

    The story of the Santini designer who moved from Ireland to Bergamo and found a whole new family in his place of work. With five bikes in his garage and a closet bursting with jerseys and kits, he draws his inspiration not just from cycling through the Orobia hills but from chatting with Pietro Santini, who in 1965 founded the company that has now been given the honour of designing and making the Yellow Jersey for the Tour de France.

    “My job is to meet the needs of cyclists: I have to give them clothes they will feel good in when they ride, but that also obviously function. I wake up in the morning with just one thought in my head: “It’s not about designing apparel; it’s about solving problems”. Fergus Niland is a man very happy to admit he’s obsessed with his work and it’s something that makes him aware of how lucky he is: “Working in Santini is a privilege for me”.