The Santini clothing concept is to provide you with clothes you don’t even notice you’re wearing them. No effort, no distraction. Padding and compression that enables you to ride harder and longer without feeling discomfort. Aerodynamic, form-fitting designs that cut through the air in style. And will manage the elements of wind, water, sun and temperature without you needing to think about them. In this brochure you will find a selection of designs from which you can create your perfect cycling wardrobe.

Now go out and ride.


Bib shorts are an investment in your well-being on the bike. Santini’s high performance bib shorts provide unrivalled comfort in the saddle to keep you feeling great on even the longest rides.


Our 2019 range of premium cycling jerseys is made with high performance materials and the latest manufacturing techniques. Engineered specifically to provide you with a zero distraction experience on the bike.


For that stylish summer feel, look no further than our diverse summer accessories line. Stay cool and aerated all through the summer heat with a line engineered for comfort and performance. Enjoy our eye-catching designs with unique playful colour contrasts capturing the very essence of that summer feel. Express yourself on the saddle with confidence this summer.