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Dive into the world of professional cycling with our exclusive collection of Tour de France cycling jerseys. As the Official Partner of the Tour de France, we offer a premium selection of TDF jerseys and cycling shirts. Gear up now and be part of the legend!

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Explore our exclusive TDF cycling jerseys and shirts

With 100% cycling DNA, Santini Cycling has a deep love for this sport. It shapes our identity, influences our thoughts, and drives our determination. The iconic Tour de France cycling jerseys and shirts, in their vibrant yellow, green, red polka dots, and white, embody the enduring spirit of the Grand Boucle. 

These colours not only symbolize the various facets of the race, but also the courage and perseverance of the cyclists who tackle this challenging and relentless competition. As the Official Partner, Santini Cycling encourages you to unleash your inner champion and immerse yourself in the unique spectacle of this sporting event by choosing to wear one of our exclusive TDF jerseys.

Premium texture and perfect fit 

Our Tour de France cycling jerseys are crafted to offer an exceptional blend of comfort and performance. Constructed from advanced, breathable fabrics, they feature a unique texture that enhances airflow, keeping you cool as the race heats up. The material's softness against the skin is designed for long rides, ensuring comfort from start to finish.

The fit of the TDF jerseys is meticulously engineered to support the cyclist's body. It adopts a form-fitting silhouette that moves seamlessly with your motions, minimizing air resistance and optimizing speed. The sleeves, with their precision cut, cling snugly around the arms, further accentuating the jersey's aerodynamic qualities. 

In essence, Tour de France cycling shirts represent the perfect synthesis of tactile quality and fitting precision, designed to elevate your cycling experience to the pinnacle of professional racing comfort and efficiency.

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