Introducing VOLO women’s aero-light kits for 2019. Constructed in our Bergamo factory, the patterns, fabrics, and detail work in our VOLO kits are all carefully balanced for exceptional aerodynamics, superior fit, and comfort on the bike. Made from the same pattern as the kits for Boels-Dolmans and Trek Segafredo women’s cycling teams. Includes our innovative and lightweight C3W women’s-specific chamois.

A few years ago, Paola Santini (founder Petro Santini’s youngest daughter and the company’s global marketing manager) was riding up the infamous Stelvio pass in the Italian Alps. Along for the ride was her husband Marco as well as Santini’s lead designer, Fergus Niland. It was Paola’s first attempt at the climb. When she struggled, Niland suggested she hold a mantra in her mind to get her through the tougher sections. “Think like a butterfly (‘pensa come una farfalla ’),” he said. Armed with that simple thought, she managed the climb and ever since, we’ve wanted to express that thought in a design somehow. That expressions comes in the form of the VOLO kit.


There are four jerseys and two bibs in the 2019 VOLO collection. Each of them references the color palette of our 2019 women’s Spring/Summer collection (meaning you can match them with other items in the catalog for a greater range of looks when riding). VOLO kits use the same patterns and construction techniques we developed to make it elite race-fit clothing for our professional women’s team partners Boels-Dolmans and Trek Segafredo.

The jerseys include a French collar - where the full-length zipper ends at the throat instead of the neck for an aero profile and a snug, skinsuit-style fit. A silicone-lined gripper at the waist keeps the jersey in place while riding. Each jersey features a peacock-feather motif, a nod to the design inspiration provided by Santini pro rider and ambassador Lizzie Deignan.

We made no compromise on fabric either. The front and sides of the jersey are made with Rudy and the sleeves and back from Bodyfit, both extremely light and strong Italian performance fabrics. The result of all those choices is an aero, performance jersey that weighs just 100g!

VOLO bib shorts are constructed around our innovative and lightweight C3W women’s-specific chamois. Made from high-compression Thunderbike Power Lycra with minimal seams, VOLO leg fabric is internally peppered with silicon microdotsfor a simpler but highly-functional grip. We finished the design off with elegant butterfly-shape mesh bibs.



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