A May without the Giro is something unthinkable for cycling enthusiasts. For this reason, in tribute to a tradition that has accompanied the Pink Race since 1909, journalists, writers and illustrators have thought of giving us the stories of "a Giro that is not there".

Starting from Saturday May 9th , a team of writers and illustrators will report on the progress of the Pink Race every day, bringing fantasy and passion for cycling to the field to tell the story of a month Senzagiro (without the Giro). Each stage will have a different narrator and illustrator: the story of the race and the ranking that will derive from it will be composed in a puzzle of different looks, in an overview that is at the same time sport, geography, landscape, history and stories along the roads and the spring of the Giro. We do not know, at the start, how the race and the story will go. We don't know who will win and who will lose. It will happen all day by day, like in a real race.

Santini Cycling Wear will design and produce the jersey of the final ranking leader and a jersey for each stage winner. The jersey of each stage will be revealed day by day, as will the story of the stage "that is not there". At the end of the Senzagiro, the jerseys will be signed by the protagonists, the final winner and all stage winners, and will be auctioned for charity. Starting from next week Santini Cycling Wear will also launch a small Senzagiro collection for all fans, which will be sold exclusively online on The proceeds from the sales of the dedicated collection and the auction will be donated to Namasté, a social cooperative that for twenty years in the Bergamo area (the most affected by COVID-19 in Italy) has met and assisted 3000 fragile people a day: the disabled, the elderly, the sick, children and adolescents in need. In these weeks Namasté, despite various challenges, has intensified its services by doing everything possible so that this emergency does not cause further and even more serious damage to those people. Helping a small cooperative like Namasté means being able to work alongside them on the road. A bit like in a cycling race, a bit like at the Giro.

Are you ready for the start ?

Follow us day by day to find out who will win the first Senzagiro in history!


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