Maybe not everyone knows that our factory is based in Bergamo, Italy. The same Bergamo that in early March was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and has been, and still is, the hardest hit city in the whole country.

We had to face this emergency and we had to do it fast because we were in the middle of it. People were desperate because it was impossible to find protective face masks, so we decided to do something and we converted our production department to produce them.

We worked hard for weeks to deliver masks first to our community in Bergamo, then to the rest of the country. We developed a surgical face mask that got the certification from the National Sanitary Institute to be used also by doctors and staff in hospitals and a washable barrier mask for community use that we distributed to companies and private citizens.

We are happy now to make these washable barrier masks available to everyone through our website. Click here to purchase yours!

Available in adult or kids size, there masks can also be customized through our custom product. For more info please check our custom website or contact our office +39 035690566.

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