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GSPP - People with great passion can make great things

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GSPP cycling club is a spontaneously born cycling group made of people who love what they do.

Valerio - Marketing team: I found a perfect way to split the day at the desk in two with the GSPP company. In fact, sharing this moment with colleagues makes the ride a moment of recreation, team building, discussion, and brainstorming, from which (often) the best ideas come.

Ana - Sales: It is a group that was born spontaneously, of colleagues who became friends, linked by a passion for cycling. The idea was born from our creative director when, after years working at Santini, he finally found a group interested in pedaling and immediately understood the added value in this. An hour a day where there are no emails, there are no problems, there is only you and an empty head. Creating inclusion is very difficult, and it is even more difficult to transmit it, but by pedaling together with the GSPP, there is no need to explain anything. We are all there to have fun, to be together and at the same time be alone, and to enjoy the moment by playing a beautiful sport. Then we are going back to the office more tired but inevitably happier and carefree.

Stefano - Marketing team: GSPP is an achievement. It is the result of something that comes from the simple passion that guides us every day. It was born almost by accident, being able to take advantage of the lunch break to be able to ride; at the beginning, only a few, and gradually, over the years, the group has expanded. Today, it is a custom and an element that characterizes us as employees and colleagues, and that unites us even in those shared moments outside the office. One denominator for all: Our world is cycling, and our passion is cycling.

Beppe - ex-employee: The fact that the group is made up of guys who could be my children and then they call me for bike rides makes me so proud. Look at the different generation!!!! Thanks GSPP

Giulia - ex-employee: We started almost as a joke with the GSPP; the appointment for the lunch break bike ride was always at 12:15, but no one was ever punctual. The fact that no one has ever shown up on time hasn't changed our habit. When the other colleagues saw us leaving, they said, "Here is the lunch break group!" From there, the lunch break group became a lunch break sports group and thus began to take on a real identity. From an appointment, it has become almost a ritual, a moment of the day dedicated to the bike, above all a space for confidences, complaints about the day, and also a moment for discussion; "our" safe space, the upper town. Being part of the GSPP is the best memory I have brought from Bergamo to Berlin.❤️

Sara - Marketing team: For me, the GSPP is a fortune. The good fortune of being able to cycle on a lunch break and disconnect with your mind; lucky enough to explore new places such as the Bergamo hills and their traffic-free streets. But the GSPP is also about sharing a healthy and beautiful passion for cycling with your colleagues.

Andrea - Marketing team: For me, GSPP was born as a group of colleagues and friends who were able to pass on their passion for cycling to me. Over time, it has become a stimulus to improve myself more and more in sports, thanks to a healthy competition that has arisen in the group that leads us to try to beat other members' personal bests. Other times, it is instead the incentive that you lack that leads you to take the bike or change to go out for a run.

Davide - Sales: When I joined Santini, I knew nothing about cycling and had never ridden a road bike. A few days after my hiring, I learned of the existence of this group made up of guys who share a passion for cycling and a desire to have fun. Once I got close to them and the world around them, I understood that GSPP is not a simple group that gets together to ride a bicycle during the lunch break: it automatically transformed for me into a moment of lightheartedness that makes me take my mind off the work but above all, a way to try a new sport and not be able to do without it.

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