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Elisa Balsamo - The importance of dreams

Elisa Balsamo



Since dreams are not touchable and are often overshadowed or pushed aside because of our busy lives, this outfit would like to be a material representation of them, so that each of us never forgets what we truly desire within ourselves.

The idea of making an outfit in collaboration with Santini was born by chance a few months ago: I went to their new headquarters in Bergamo and mentioned to the sisters Monica and Paola the desire to create something together. They immediately seemed enthusiastic, and from that afternoon on, we started gathering our ideas: colors, shapes, and words. We immediately decided we wanted to create something special—not just a simple outfit with pretty colors but something that had a deeper meaning, something that could motivate people and give them an idea. At this point, the first question they asked me was, "Elisa, what do you want to convey with this uniform? What do you want to transmit to the people who will wear it?" I had to think for a few minutes, and then I realized that I could encourage others by explaining one of my strengths, because I believe that in order to improve oneself, it is always useful to consider the strengths of the people around us.

So I thought of dedicating the new outfit to determination, but on second thought, I realized that it was not enough, because determination helps me reach my limits, but it is DREAMS that make me cross that thin line that separates the impossible and the possible, from certainty and normality on the one hand and the feeling of being able to touch the sky with a finger on the other. This is precisely why we decided to dedicate the new capsule to dreams—to the dreams of each of us.

So how do you represent dreams? I think everyone has their own way of doing it. For me, dreams are personified by unicorns, their magic, their lightness, and their mysteriousness. That must be why I decided to tattoo one on the triceps of my right arm—so in the most difficult moments, I remember that I have to go forward with determination to achieve my dreams. Since unicorns are characterized by their color and are special because they can fly, the jersey is a colorful sky full of fluffy white clouds in which everyone can place their dreams.

The kit also has two "special" elements that make it even more unique: a legend written inside the jersey and a small hidden unicorn. We decided to print the caption inside the shirt so that we could write a few lines about our project and be able to explain the deeper meaning of the outfit. I liked this idea from the beginning because it allowed me to make the capsule even more personal by adding a few lines written personally by me. Instead, it will be up to you to look for and find the little unicorn. As a hint, I can tell you that he is in a place inside which cyclists put the essentials for their rides: food and a cape. May he also become essential for you, helping you reach your dreams!

I would like to conclude by especially thanking Fergus, the art director who managed to represent exactly what I had imagined and who fulfilled all my requests for changes before I was able to come up with the final version (thank you for your patience!), Stefano, who believed in the project from the first moment and supported me all along the way with his valuable ideas, Monica and Paola, and the whole Santini team who were working behind the scenes and allowed me to realize one of my dreams.

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