Vincenzo Nibali is Italy’s pride in the cycling world and is widely considered one of the best in modern cycling, Nibali has brought home victories from the most prestigious races - 2014 Tour de France, 2013 and 2016 Giro d’Italia and 2010 Vuelta a España.

Santini is proud to collaborate with Nibali in our new spring/summer capsule collection.

Our brand sees this collaboration as a celebration of one of the greatest riders of all time. The line is streamlined and minimalist, yet distinctively Nibali.

Here we sit down with Vincenzo Nibali to talk about the new collection and what he thinks is important in a cycling kit:

How did you receive the proposal to create a kit dedicated to you?

With so much enthusiasm. Santini had very clear ideas and vision of how the collection would look and I went on to give my personal touch. I was glad that they thought of this kit. And I'm obviously happy that the public responded positively as well.

What did you feel when you saw the kit dedicated to you for the first time?

I got very excited! It was very distinct and descriptive of my identity - seeing my name in the shape of a shark's fin, the colors of my home of Sicily and of my victories in the big laps, all in the deep blue of the sea. I find it really beautiful - stylish and powerful at the same time. We have seen all the passion, taste and style of Santini.

What do you think are the most important features of a cycling kit?

Comfort and performance in (almost) all conditions. The shirt must be light, yet durable at the same time while offering protection from the sun's rays. The shorts must guarantee maximum comfort and breathability. Details make the difference – from the stitching to the quality of the fabrics.

Can you explain why they first started calling you 'The Shark'?

It is a nickname they gave me for my aggressive and attacking riding style. I think this collection represents me well, it's my trademark.

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