Long Bib shorts

Explore our collection of long bib shorts, specifically designed for the enthusiast cyclist who values comfort and performance on longer rides. Perfect for tall riders and those who prefer additional coverage, our long cycling bibs are crafted to deliver superior comfort and support.

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Designed for endurance and comfort

Santini’s long bib shorts are engineered with advanced features to meet the needs of both amateur and professional cyclists. They are tailored to provide a comfortable, supportive fit that moves with your body, minimizing friction and maximizing performance over long distances. Made from premium, breathable fabrics, our long cycling bibs keep you cool and dry, even during intense efforts or in warmer weather. Designed to withstand the stress of frequent use, these bib shorts maintain their shape and functionality, ensuring they look great and perform well season after season.

Long cycling bibs, ideal for tall riders

Our bib shorts for feature extended leg coverage and a proportionately scaled pad that provides extra comfort where it’s most needed. These features make our long bib shorts an essential choice for all the riders seeking gear that fits well and enhances their riding experience.

Shop our long bib shorts today and experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability that only Santini Cycling can provide.

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