Cycling windbreakers

Gear up for any weather with our high-performance cycling windbreakers, specifically designed to shield you from the elements while maintaining optimal comfort and aerodynamics on the bike. 

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Experience advanced weather protection with our bike windbreakers

Our cycling windbreakers are crafted from premium materials that offer both wind resistance and breathability, ensuring you stay warm and dry while preventing overheating. The aerodynamic fit is tailored to reduce drag when cycling in a forward-leaning position, enhancing your efficiency and speed. 

Key features of our windbreakers include:

  • Streamlined design: Minimizes wind resistance with a close fit and strategically placed seams to enhance performance.

  • Stretchy features: Includes elasticated cuffs and hem to secure the jacket in place and prevent flapping, improving your comfort and focus.

These bike windbreakers are not just functional; they are designed with the cyclist's mobility in mind, making them ideal for varied cycling conditions.

Built for durability and comfort

Santini’s windbreaker bike jackets combine style with practicality. The design features a shorter front and a dropped tail to avoid material bunching and to provide extra coverage while in the riding position. Advanced fabric technology ensures that these jackets are waterproof yet highly breathable, balancing weather protection with necessary ventilation. 

Additionally, our windbreakers are constructed without a hood to avoid acting like a windsock at high speeds, focusing instead on a high collar design to protect against wind and rain. They are built to withstand not just the wind and rain, but also the test of time, making them a worthwhile investment for any cyclist looking to extend their riding season.

Brace any weather condition with Santini’s top-quality cycling windbreakers. Shop now and take your riding comfort and performance to the next level!

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