Santini is as a company founded on a number of core beliefs; to produce the finest looking, performance led apparel that provides an unmatched level of comfort and durability for all cyclists. Furthermore, our commitment since 1965 to maintain production on site in Bergamo is a point of pride that sets us apart in a world where the outsourcing of manufacturing has become the norm; with questions regarding the supply chain responsibility and environmental impact a modern apparel manufacturer has becoming key issues to face. For this reason Santini has taken the step to partner with TIPA, compostable packing experts, and replace all of our current, conventional plastic packaging with fully compostable alternatives.


While this package may look just like conventional plastic, TIPA’s films are made from a blend of bio-based and fossil-based polymers, all of which are certified fully compostable and manufactured in Europe. TIPA packaging allows us to offer you a packaging alternative that works just like our old, conventional polybags, protecting precious products in a lightweight bag, but has a built-in circular solution for its end-of-use.


Our products will now be shipped using TIPA Compostable Packaging, a fully home compostable alternative to conventional single-use plastic packaging. After your item arrives, simply remove any stickers left on the package and place in your home compost and the package will disintegrate within 6 months, and fully decompose within 12 months.

We are constantly looking to reduce our use of plastics, and packaging waste more broadly. We wanted a biodegradable versatile, reusable bag that would safely transport our garments from our factory in Italy to our global network of distributors and customers alike. We then found TIPA which was the perfect solution for this.