Another year and it’s another evolution of our distinguished Eroica line. We’ve returned to the drawing board. Inspired by the greats, their wins, losses and lessons. And energised by the indelible memories from days gone by, it’s time to reconnect to our roots. We’re on a mission to bring you the latest innovations and celebrate the values and traditions of cycling. Since its inception in 1997, Eroica has grown steadily. Slowly capturing the attention of many of those who long for a tangible connection to the authentic roots of our sport. From its beginnings in that timeless land in northern Italy. One provoking images of winding gravel ‘strade bianche’ rolling through the Tuscan hills. It’s a place so magically entangled with a rich and accomplished cycling history. Over 20 years on and how things have changed. The Eroica spirit has been adopted by those in far distant corners of the world. Invariably new Eroica events have sprung to life. The only ingredient being the coming together of those with a unique passion for cycling’s values and traditions. And we’re happy to have played a small part in the evolution of one of cycling’s finest celebrations.

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We’ve stayed true to our roots.

The heroes of old had their own distinctive style. And our latest line will help you to create your very own heroic look. Strongly influenced by that timeless Tuscan landscape and those alluring dark rich contrasting tones. Those same tones envelop that mystical Tuscan landscape just as tightly as our passion for preserving cycling’s values, traditions and history. Let us join you on your own journey. Imagine yourself, softly pedalling on that undulating terrain. The evening sun at your back as you roll through quaint Tuscan villages. Allow yourself to be transported to a time when things were different. Experience a unique connection to the roots of cycling. Discover the new collection divided into man, woman and casual.