From 1946 to 1951, the Giro D’Italia awarded a symbolic prize to the last man to finish the race. The legendary Maglia Nera (Black jersey) was a testament to the will and determination it took simply to compete in and finish a Grand Tour. The prize, which came with cash awards, food and drink at the end of each stage, and the adulation of the Italian tifosi, became so coveted that fierce competition developed to claim the jersey. Two riders in particular, Luigi Malabrocca and Sante Carollo, went through great lengths to see who could waste the most time. They would hide in restaurants and bars or under bridges, or simply damage their own equipment to finish last. Malabrocca took the prize in 1946 and 1947, the only two-time winner. He became known as the master of delay. He would meander at the back of the race. He would often stop for an espresso with fans that could easily turn into a long, lingering lunch. He was once caught fishing in the canals of the Ticino River! Inspired by the mischief and the tenacity represented by this noble award, we are proud to offer a collection of Maglia Nera cycling clothing.

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The collection begins with a cycling kit inspired by the master of delay Luigi Malabrocca. The numbers on the jersey’s left sleeve reference Malabrocca’s finishing time from the 1946 Giro; 69 hours, 41 minutes and 54 seconds, enough for him to claim the inaugural edition of the prize. On the opposite sleeve Malabrocca’s signature is replicated on the jersey that he has fought so hard to conquer. Also hidden in the design is a geometric pattern created by repeating the word NERA on the back of the jersey and on the bib-shorts braces. Lastly, we added the phrase ‘L’ULTIMO IN FUGA’, meaning ‘last in the breakaway,’ to the back of the collar. Luigi Malabrocca has become over the years the symbol of the Maglia Nera, the advocate of that Eroic spirit that still represents the essence of cycling; the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest. Whatever that is.


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We make our tee shirts with a soft and supremely-comfortable blended cotton fabric for a casual but tailored fit. The design evokes the position of the Maglia Nera in the Giro D’Italia – at the back of the race! The black-jersey rider is looking to one side, no doubt searching for competitors hiding in the bushes who aim to cheat him from his position as last rider in the peloton. The accessories include gloves, cap and socks. We took our classic Italian cotton cap and designed it with a geometric pattern created by repeating the word NERA down the center. Our unique Maglia Nera logo design is printed in pink on the side. This cap is perfect to wear under your helmet. Maglia Nera cycling gloves are made with an anti-shock palm for comfort on the road, lightweight Lycra Sprinter fabric on the back of the hand for breathability, terry fabric on the thumb for wiping away whatever is bugging you, and a Velcro closure to keep everything in its place. Maglia Nera printed socks are constructed with anti-allergenic and anti-odor yarn. These medium-height socks are meant to be comfortable, and breathable; a sublime complement to a complete Maglia Nera look.



We took our classic wool jersey - ribbed cuff and collar, metal zipper, buttoned rear pockets - and gave it a Maglia Nera color palette. This is the jersey for riders who want to re-visit the history of the sport. Beautifully finished with a “La Maglia Nera” patch on the chest, it’s also a great jersey for riders who would rather wander across the terrain than try to ‘win’ every ride. Our long-sleeve wool jerseys bring back additional details from the race clothing of cycling’s past. The button-down double front pocket on the chest gives that authentic vintage look. An embroidered “la Maglia Nera” logo tips the hat to pre-Lycra race-wear styling. And as a bonus, open the buttons that line the left shoulder to discover the uniquely Italian pink design we hid underneath.